Stik-Tite is a high quality durable adhesive that gives fast drying, strong bonding and quick setting. It caters to a focused market in the business of wood, packaging and lamination of various paper types. The high demand and economical pricing place Stik-Tite as a leading brand among the top adhesive players in today's Saudi market.
In the wood sector Stik-Tite is highly used for Wood Bonding, Lamination of Wood - Veneer, Formica, Gypsum Board, Carpentry, and many more similar lines. In packaging division Stik-Tite is used by food and non-food categories where various industries (non-food) and food companies use Stik-Tite for their variety of packaging and lamination related products. Stik-Tite is also available for metal adhesion and applied on various metals or steel structures for example, Metal Doors, Locks, Decorative Structures, Metal Furniture and many more.

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